Safeness through labeling by Label und Sign

Label und Sign is your reliable supplier for industrial and commercial labeling. We offer a wide range of standard products as well as customized solutions for your individual requirements. 


 Our product range includes

  • Hazardous goods labels (self-adhesive and fixed panels)
  • Hazardous substance labels (self-adhesive made of foil or adhesive paper)
  • Industrial markings (route markings, prohibition signs, warning signs)
  • Engraving plates (fixed formats or cut to size, unprocessed or processed according to your specifications)
  • Inspection labels (in sheet form or in booklet form, as well as on a roll)
  • Cable markings (cable markers in yellow/black in 2 different sizes)
  • Pipe markers (stainless steel strips, plastic holders and inserts made from engraved plates)

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Do you have questions about the Dangerous Goods Ordinance? To mark your products? Are you looking for the right labeling product?

Our state-certified Dangerous Goods Officer will be pleased to advise you and answer all your questions.


  • Inspection plates (DGUV (further BGV A 3), safety seal)
  •  Cable markers (for electric cables and industrial marking)
  •  Pipeline markings (system marking)
  •  Engraving plates (for industrial plants, pipelines)
  •  self-adhesive signs (marking of tank cars and tank vehicles)
  •  Bar code labels (EAN codes, continuous)
  •  Visitor Cards / Chips
  •  Special designs for companies and industry


  • Protective screens for machines
  • individually made company signs made of acrylic
  • Signs / signs for parking lots, driveways
  • Engraving plates in standard format or as a blank
  • Signs for marking vehicles, machines